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October 24 2011

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The Hungarian Suicide Song - Gloomy Sunday

October 12 2011

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Sia - Soon We'll Be Found - Acoustic - With croaky voice still Magnificent - Triple J TV
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Canal+ "The Bear" by BETC Paris

October 10 2011

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Vampire Weekend - White Sky
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Citizen Cope Healing Hands
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Suzanne Vega - World Before Columbus

October 03 2011

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Stanisław Sojka - Do widzenia mówiliśmy (audio only).avi

September 22 2011

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Ida Maria - I Like You So Much Better When You're Naked

September 15 2011

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Florence + The Machine - Shake It Out

August 29 2011

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Zero 7 - Futures ( feat Jose Gonzalez )
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Sia - Lentil (KCRW 2007)

August 26 2011

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George Carlin - Miłego Dnia (polskie napisy)

August 15 2011

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Radiohead - No Suprises

July 21 2011

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July 13 2011

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Tadeusz Faliszewski-Szczęście trzeba rwać jak świeże wiśnie (Polskie Drogi)
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Piosenka o zagubionym sercu

July 07 2011

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Podryw w M jak Miłośc

July 01 2011

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That's Vaginal: Cat On A Mission
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